About 2 years ago I was sitting in a Church service and the Pastor laid out the total monetary cost of fixing the world’s problems such as clean drinking water, human trafficking, food, and other items.  I was surprised at how low that number was.  A successful business owner could REALLY, make an impact on a small country just from their monetary contribution.  This led me to think about how I might use different business ventures to start making a difference globally.

Why Small Business?

I’ve always loved business owners.  The first time I walked into a BNI meeting I was hooked!  I immediately set out and (with the help of an amazing team) started the Chateau Elan Networking group.  We grew this to 35 or so business owners that met every week.  Our visitor days are still the stuff of legend with attendees of over 125 for such a small area!

When you think about what business owners can create (jobs and opportunities) and you take their influence and set them out to think about their significant impact on the world…. when I think about this I just get incoherent sometimes.  As business owners we literally have the power to change the world!

As business owners we literally have the power to change the world!

Why Business Leadership and not just a fund raiser?

I really wanted something that would set the business leaders and send them on a mission.  It’s not just about going and giving, it’s about growing your business.  It’s not about the money, it’s about what it can do.  $10,000 provides clean water and a sustainable life for 4 villages in Cambodia.  That grabs me that it’s so cheap but if we don’t do that, the people of those villages will die of sicknesses that we shrug off, like diarrhea.

Our goal is to not just take business owners to success through the teaching/speakers at the event but to take them THROUGH success to significance.