michaelkaupeMichael Kaupe

I live and breathe excellence.

My passions began in 2002 when I had a very personal revelation of who I had become. I had already graduated college, began working in the technology field, and my only goal was to make money. I realize this is a goal in any job but a goal is just a goal, not a passion. I found out that passionate people give their best in excess and I wanted to do just that. So I started volunteering and giving my time to help others. This helped define my purpose personally and helped shape my passion professionally.

In the years since, I’ve been invited to be on the Board for Sunday to Sunday, which helps link people to others already impacting the world. This incredible mission has helped me realize the gift in giving without the expectation of getting something back. Professionally, this has been profound. It’s about being excellent and doing the job right because the end result is someone’s life.

In 2005, I helped start Angela Michael Skincare & Spa. This has helped me gained experience in external/internal communications, policy and process development, with strengths in building and facilitating marketing campaigns, and relationship building. I see how a business can be significant and not just successful. I have learned how I impact our community and our customers.

In 2004, I started with Ceridian. I’ve held 2 positions, one in Implementation and my current position as a Solutions Consultant. I believe my role in Implementation helped me understand our customer’s needs and requirements better. It has equipped me to be customer focused because I have experienced working with the good, the bad, and the ugly. I know what works well and what doesn’t. This has given me tremendous insight to be confident in giving recommendations, speaking with c-level executives, and selling the right solution.

I am always looking for an amazing opportunity to be excellent