JaceRabeIn 2003, Jace Rabe obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in International Business from Murray State University.

Upon graduation Jace joined the Peace Corps serving in Benin, West Africa. While there he established relationships with many of the local villages. Those relationships developed into professional associations, resulting in the creation of two companies.

Tolaro Global is a cashew processor located in Benin, West Africa. Progress for Progress is a non-profit organization dedicated to community development in Benin, West Africa. Tolaro Global’s mission is to build a profitable, sustainable cashew processing industry in Benin. We believe that a cashew industry, if developed correctly, will revolutionize Benin. We are aware that “revolutionize a country” is a big statement. However, given the combination of Benin’s extreme poverty and its untapped wealth in cashews, this is a more than an achievable vision.

Projects for Progress provides strategic solutions to third world problems that create lasting change in the lives of people by empowering communities and individuals with sustainable developmental projects. Our purpose is to meet the physical and emotional needs of those communities and individuals, thereby creating a relationship where their spiritual needs can be fulfilled.

Jace resides in both Atlanta, Georgia and Parakou, Benin with his wife, Sarah, and their two daughters, Pax and Vie.