Announcing:  Ask The CEO

We’re excited to announce a change in the overall format that will allow us to bring you content that the most relevant kind!  You will be able to ask questions from the speakers when you attend Heroic Event.   Our Ask the CEO segment will be completely audience driven.  We thought of a few questions to get you started, but please put your thinking caps on for this!

  • How did you make the transition from sole proprietor to small business to larger business?
  • How do you recruit and keep talent?
  • How do you hold a team accountable?  What if they are not meeting standards?
  • How do you determine if something is an opportunity for your business or a distraction?
  • How has your “job” changed over the years and how do you maintain your passion for this business?
  • How do you keep the “personal touch” even though you’re a large company?
  • What’s the 3 most pivotal moments of your life… personal/business?
  • What’s your greatest challenge you currently face and what challenges have you overcome?
  • Tell me about a time when you failed?  Won?

Feel free to add to this list by putting questions in the comment section below!